Download the Cat 5 Levee and Coastal Restoration Rally Flier PDF here.

screen only version of flier


You are the future of New Orleans

- and your school is invited to a non-political grass roots -

Cat 5 Levee and Coastal Restoration NOW Rally

- because many worry we might not get even Cat 2.5 protection -
- while we lose more coast and wetlands -

9:00 am - 10:00 am, Thursday, October 15th, 2009
- before the Presidential visit so the national and local media can cover both events -

@ Washington Artillery Park between Jackson Square and the Mississippi River
- so as to stay out of the way of the Presidential visit, and get press for your message -

This is a fun field trip to support storm surge protection for New Orleans and an event you will proudly remember for a lifetime. Wear life jackets, colorful rain or shrimp boots, a costume or carry a cardboard boat or rubber raft or whatever makes you happy and presents the message you want the national and local media to see.

Poster suggestions: Cat 5 Levees NOW!
Wetland Restoration NOW
Coastal Restoration NOW!
We Cannot Wait!
Levees are a matter of life and death for my future.
I love New Orleans.
Party Affiliation: New Orleanian!
New Orleanians are what makes New Orleans great!
New Orleans is worth rebuilding.
Show whatever message you want!

Or try to correct the slanderous myths sinking our city with a poster that might say:
Federal levee failures were not a “natural” disaster.
Only the Corps builds levees.
90% of us evacuated before the storm. Could your city do that?
Federal floodwalls failed without overtopping.
The USACE permitted 8,000 miles of O&G canals criss-crossing our wetlands.
The USACE caused wetland loss and built bad levees.
Ships travel 96 miles upriver to reach New Orleans.
We are not a coastal city.
My mom and dad are hard working, law abiding, tax paying US citizens too.
50% of New Orleans is above sea level.
70% of us had flood insurance. How about you?
It wasn’t “Katrina,” it was the Corps’ levees that flooded New Orleans!
Make it your message!
Remember to keep moving at the rally and be nice, but do what you want.
This is Not About Politics. Be Nice. Be a New Orleanian. Show Your Creativity.
No insulting politicians, past or present!
We wish we had more time to better arrange this too.